Peter Voss

"The Good Life is one inspired by Love and guided by Knowledge" - Bertrand Russell

My main occupation is research in high-level, general (domain independent, autonomous) Artificial Intelligence Adaptive A.I. Inc.

I believe that integrating insights from the following areas of cognitive science are crucial for rapid progress in this field:

  • Philosophy/ epistemology - understanding the true nature of knowledge
  • Cognitive psychology (incl. developmental and psychometric) for analysis of cognition - and especially - general conceptual intelligence.
  • Computer science - self-modifying systems, combining new connectionist pattern manipulation techniques with 'traditional' AI engineering.

Anyone who shares my passion - and/ or concerns - for this field is welcome to contact me for brainstorming and possible collaboration.

My other big passion is for exploring what I call Optimal Living: Maximizing both the quantity and quality of life. I see personal responsibility and optimizing knowledge acquisition as key. Specific interests include:

  • Rationality, as a means for knowledge. I'm largely sympathetic to the philosophy of Objectivism, and have done quite a bit of work on developing a rational approach to (personal and social) ethics.
  • Health (quality): physical, financial, cognitive, and emotional (passions, meaningful relationships, appreciation of art, etc.). Psychology: IQ and EQ.
  • Longevity (quantity): general research, CRON (calorie restriction), cryonics
  • Environment: economic, social, political systems conducive to Optimal Living.

These interests logically lead to an interest in Futurism, in technology for improving life - overcoming limits to personal growth and improvement. The transhumanist philosophy of Extropianism best embodies this quest. Specific technologies that seem to hold most promise include AI, Nanotechnology, and various health and longevity approaches mentioned above.

I always enjoy meeting new people to explore ideas, and to have my views critiqued. To this end I am involved in a number of discussion groups and salons (e.g. 'Kifune' futurist dinner/discussion group). Along the way I'm trying to develop and learn the complex art of constructive dialog.

Rationality, give me the Strength to Change the things I can, the Serenity to Accept those that I can't, and the Wisdom to Know the difference.